Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should I go to time out?

I am not chained to my cell phone.  Actually, I'm rarely on the phone unless someone calls me.  I rarely call anyone.  

We require the kidlets to answer their phones (although there are plenty of excuses why they didn't answer their phones when we call).  

The husband talks a lot on the phone.  The son more (but he is his fathers son when it comes to the phone).  The daughter is the texter. So is the son but I think the daughter edges the son out in this category.

I lose out on all the categories.  Fine by me.  I win the payment portion of the phones tho.  

Since I'm not chained to my phone I don't always answer because I don't carry it around with me.  Nor do I place it nearby.  Usually it's in my purse and if I'm not required to carry my purse it's likely in the kitchen.  

I mean really, is it necessary to take my cell into the bathroom with me?

Apparently the daughter called me this morning.  I did not answser, because I didn't hear it ring.  When I DID notice I'd missed a call, I called her back.

She answered with: "Never mind, I already got it".  

Got what?  

My choir dress.

Why did you need your choir dress?

I have a competition today and needed it.

Oh. I didn't hear the phone.

No, you never do.

So there you have it, I got in trouble with my 17 yr old daughter because she forgot her choir dress and I didn't hear the phone to run it out to her when they had to turn back and get it.  

Good thing I'm not going to put myself on restriction for that.  


susan m hinckley said...

You're so funny. I think when 17 year olds are involved, the less you answer your phone the better -- it's always something and they need to figure out how to work things out for themselves. My 20 year old is proof that I should have answered my phone less when she was 17. And since I finally got caller id (last one on the planet to do so) I almost never answer my home phone either! Some of the new technologies probably allow me to indulge my natural anti-social tendencies to an unhealthy degree. Thank goodness!

VO said...

LOL, it's so true. Almost adults understand intellectually that the power of responsibility lies in their hands but in practice they won't get it til they understand cause and effect where nobody comes to the rescue.

I love caller id. Can't leave home without it.

btw, we got rid of our landline...just cell phones now. Cheaper and one less thing to be chained to.