Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I'm home early after going to work late

Ding dang it, my crown is shifting around in there.  Lovely.  Gotta run to the dentist again this morning.  I didn't even eat anything that would push on it last night.  

So the dentist couldn't see me at 8 a.m. even tho the office was open because SHE WASN'T THERE TIL 9 a.m.  Great.  So I am late to work again.  They used a "better" cement this time...but no blue light cement.  Ya know when they use the light to dry it.  But it's a better cement.  

Now it's 4:30 in the afternoon.  I ate (really drank) a cup of tomato soup for lunch and ate (didn't drink) a small serving of apple sauce.  Notice there isn't anything to BITE on in those 2 lunch items.

Around 3 p.m. my tooth shifted again.  DAMNIT.

I wasn't eating, I wasn't even talking, I just felt it shift and it was loose sure enough.  I showed my boss.  Wiggled it.  She told me to call the dentist again.

So I did and they told me to come back in. 

The problem with the tooth is there isn't much tooth for the temp crown to hold onto.  When I get the perm one it will have a metal post that inserts up into the tooth and there is more to grab onto with the post.  The temp doesn't have a post.

This time it was the DENTIST who did the work, not the dental assistant (who, btw, is very nice and sounds just like Whoopie). She reamed out the "better" cement and filled it with perm epoxy, the real kind, the kind you use a blue light on to dry it.  She also pushed that sucker way up into my mouth (it hurt) but anything to keep it in for the next 2 wks.

Everyone who saw me said: "OMG, you're back again!"  Soon I will have a new circle of friends, all dental people.  I guess since I've been there 3 times now in 2 days, I'm almost best friends with some of them.  

Dental adventures, I don't recommend them. 


Billy Canary said...

These are the same dentals peeps who Jeff loaded up Ma to go see and they hadn't got authorization from Delta cause someone forgot. So they couldn't work on her.
Go to Slepski.

VO said...

They're very nice and I don't have any issue with them.