Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Human scenery

This is one of the people who sometimes roam around the shopping area where my office is located.  This is a cell phone photo so you can't really get the full effect.  

The giant blow up beer bottle is taped to a stick that is taped to the underside of his seat.  He used a lot of tape.  The spokes of his bike have a kajillion pieces of paper interwoven in the spokes.  Magazine pages, magazine covers, a Do Not Smoke sign, a plethora of reading material I guess.

On his arms he's wearing a pair of turquoise gloves and on top of the gloves he's got on striped socks.  The toes are cut off so his hands can come thru.  On this day it was 100 degrees out there.  He is also fully dressed in long pants and laced shoes.

All he did was ride circles in the area where he is sitting.  He didn't bother anyone just rode in circles, sometimes in front of cars.

I work in a colorful place.  

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