Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last weekend photos: The Huntington Gardens

It's taken me a week to download and upload the photos from last weekend jaunt to Pasadena.  Enjoy. 

This first photo is what you shouldn't wear if you go to the Huntington Library and Gardens.  Actually you shouldn't wear this at all.  It's pretty much a disaster no matter where you are.  Click on that picture...check out the leopard bra straps.  Hmmmm.  She does get kudos for wearing support tho.  Now check out those strappy sandals.  Or are they boots? Sandaboots? Canvas legwarmers?  With gadiator strappy sandals? What the hell are they?  

If you click on it you'll see they have 3 inch heels and long straps that wrap up the leg.  Over canvas legwarmers.  It's all floppy in the front, I'd show you but I didn't have the cajones to step in front of her and snap a photo.   I suppose she gets kudos for wearing cooler clothes than me, I wore tennis shoes with socks and I was hot.  btw, she is not cooler than me and Donita, she's a fashion don't...even tho we were fashion Nots that day.  Function over fashion.

I loved this garden, it's the japanese garden through the trees.  It's quite large actually with ponds, streams and a rock zen garden.  

Poppies, beautiful poppies.  Poppies are the CA state flower.  I've never seen this type in the wild but the color is similar if the petals are slightly different.  Happy, cheery flowers. 

This was a bunch of different kinds of cactus and succulents and I loved the colors along the path. 

A giant yucca type cactus (which is probably not even a cactus).  It towered over us, it was probably 20 ft high.  Beautiful blooms.  

This was an interesting (very pokey) cactus.  I liked the waves of the paddles.  What are cactus pieces called anyway? 

I do have a few more photos of other gardens, but I wanted to post mostly these deserty types.  I was struck dumb by the varied color in the garden.  Very impressive (even tho I was getting heatstroke and felt like I was in a land where dinosaurs might pop out and take a bite out of me).  

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