Friday, April 17, 2009

A busy weekend

Tomorrow night is the daughters prom.  It's also a night where the husband and his brother and a friend are playing a gig at a local coffee house.  They are rehearsing right this very minute.

Good thing because both boys have had all kinds of things to do in the last couple of weeks with their mom.  So not alot of attention has been paid to the gig thing.  

I hope they come up with a good set list...the other night (was it last night?) the husband said they got thru very few songs.  Bwhahahah, they just can't seem to focus.  My SIL can attest to that.  

Tonight I played with some alcohol ink and tar gel.  Tar gel takes a long freaking time to dry.  I've looked all over for my silicone sheets and grrrrr, can't find them.  I texted the daughter because I'm willing to bet she took it to the girls house.  She's not answering her texts.

Sunday I'm thinking about going to the Huntington Museum with Doni.  Have to talk to the husband about the Sunday schedule.  Sun is about the only day I can go see the MIL (although she has no real idea I'm even there).  I also NEED to start reading the stinking book club book (I hear it's a dog) because next Sat is book club.  But a day away would be fun.  We'll see what Saturday brings. 

It's now 1:37 a.m. I should go to bed. 

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