Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ya run into art sometimes

The grass did get cut and it's costing the hub some money.

Today I broke down and went to the uke thing. Usually I stay home and do a project or read or something. There isn't much for me to do at the uke thing (but listen) and while I love my ukester family and friends I hear it all the time. And it's almost the only time I have the house to myself with no music, no tv, no noise. Heaven.

I met a woman who is an artist and we chatted almost the entire time. An old friend came in and I was happy to see her. I haven't talked to her in years so it was big catch up time with her.

The artist woman mentioned that she just started learning how to bead with seed beads. ye haw. I showed her some of my work and we talked alot about materials, technique, etc.

One thing that she talked about was going to get her degree in art in her 30's and doing so took something from her. She said it became an exercise in theory, in thinking too much and she lost her edge of exploration. She said she'd advise anyone to NOT get their schooling in art, just do it. Interesting.

Interesting to hear how academics changes the essential edge in art. My old friend took her kids out of mainstream school and now one is a successful artist and the other is getting a recording contract. Neither of them went to college for their art.

I suppose this is not a discussion about whether one goes to school or not but whether one does art or doesn't.

Also, the hub had an old, old friend stop by. He's an illustrator (who I assume by the 2 books he gave the hub is making a living illustrating). I saw his websites today and he's got lots of stuff up. Sort of cartoony but he's making a living.

Kind of an interesting afternoon.

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