Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This week I am on vacation...such as it is. I've worked in the yard a bit. I knitted a headband to keep my ears warm when it actually gets cold again. I used leftover yarn and had just enough. I finished one book and am halfway through another one. Not a very exciting vacation but since I am so discouraged about work, it's ok.

I missed a bday party I wanted to go to on Saturday. Drat it all. Just as well, I had a headache.

Tonight the hub and daughter went to the movies. I didn't want to go, going to the movies is an ordeal to me. I actually don't like going to the movies. I know, *gasp*. I have weird eyes, I have this double vision problem and my eyes burn and tear if I sit watching something the same distance for a long time. A long time is 30 mins or so. So it's not a favorite thing for me to do. Plus I hate having things sprung on me. I'd rather have a bit of a plan, even if it's an hour beforehand. I think I need an hours notice.

I can't remember when I started not liking things sprung on me at the last moment. I didn't used to mind. But now I do. Today I read, I napped, I watered plants (see? trying to garden...I didn't like it much tho), I sat at the computer, and basically I lazed around. So I'm not dressed to go out and I'm hungry. Rushing around to do something just seemed like way more effort than I wanted to put out.

They went without me. I tried to bead...grrrr, I think I need a magnifying glass and I wished for sunlight to see by. I started to knit a scarf, nah, the forearm is twingy.

I ate dinner and contemplated the future. Sometimes I just need some alone time.

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