Sunday, August 16, 2009

From riches to ahhh, temporary housing

What an adventure last night. We drove into LA to attend a birthday party for a friend. He works for a film company and lives in the Hollywood Hills.

He lives in this giant enclave. The owner of the film company lives in the larger house, he lives in the smaller house. They are not a couple (he's gay) but they are business partners and friends.

The owner of the film company was not there, but we did see inside her house. And we roamed the grounds. Beautiful. It's pretty incredible to see how the other side lives.

The party was filled with beautiful gay men. 20 men for every woman there. A lot of eyecandy.

We parked on the street below the house and walked up to a van to shuttle us up the hill. We had to be cleared by security both before we got into the van and once we were up the hill. It's a steep hill and would have been a hell of a walk. We arrive to the front gate which is lit up with teeny lights and there were tiki torches. 3 or 4 bars were scattered about the house. The pool was giant and one side was the deep side, the other shallow. The two sides were separated by a bridge you could walk over. He had giant paper lanterns strung all over the area surrounding the pool.

We were treated to a tour by the birthday boys mom (who we've known for 30 years). She showed us the wine cellar. Very cool. The wine cellar has windows that look into the pool. Not over the pool INTO the pool. So you could see people swimming in the pool sans heads. Ok, so there were no women in the pool just men. Some in speedos (too much information to see swimming) and in regular board shorts trunks.

We sat around the backside of the house where it was quieter (the dj was playing lots of loud dance music). The view of LA was breathtaking. We sat on a walled bench that had beautiful cushions and we stared right into the owners living room. I had one drink just to say I had a drink at the party.

We marveled that we were at this famous persons house. It was freaky to know someone as powerful, smart, driven had all of this at their disposal. They've earned it that is for sure, we discussed the "having" and "not having" of income like that.

The bday boy asked the hub and Jules to sing and play so they sat inside his house and played show tunes (mostly). A crowd gathered. He was hysterical sitting on top of the piano. The funniest thing was when he lost his balance and fell forward into the piano and the hub and our friend Victor caught him. I had to keep moving his drink so it didn't fall into the piano.

Sometimes it was funny to hear someone tell us things about the house. One guy told us things to show off how well he knew the bday boy and the house. We didn't tell him we'd know the birthday boy since he was 10. It was sort of a sad crackup listening to him stake his claim.

The bday boy was so sweet, he's always been sweet. He was sweet when we saw him a few weeks ago at the memorial. He was sweet to invite us to his party. And he was sweet enough to tell us how much he loved us...I think he has very fond memories of his childhood and the part we played in it.

We left at about 2 a.m. We'd been there since 8 p.m. Leaving a party at that time isn't the smartest thing we could have done. About 1/3 of the way home some jerk decided to change lanes and nearly ran into us. If it wasn't for me saying, "Look out that guy is coming over." and the hub slamming on the brakes he would have hit us between the side front passenger door and the front panel. Whew! Disaster averted for us.

But we weren't home yet.

We get home and the hub asks if I have my key. No, I didn't bring my keys because I didn't drive. Uh Oh. He left his house key for the daughter and it wasn't underneath the mat any more. We called her...she was just up the street spending the night with friends. No answer. The hub checked all the doors and windows. All locked. Tight. We called all 3 cells of the friends where the daughter was sleeping. No answer.

We called the son, no he does not have his key. Drat.

It's getting coolish and thank god I'd taken 2 towels with me in the car. I was wearing all white and I didn't want to get anything on me so I sat on a towel and used one to cover me in case I spilled the drink I took with me. So I wrapped myself in the towel, wearing it like a stole. Very attractive at 3 a.m.

at 3:30 I decided to walk to the girls house and wake them up to get the key. I woke them up and the daughter comes to the door and says she locked the keys in the house because nobody told her I might not have my keys. OMG. What is up with that?

The hub wanted to go to a hotel. It's 3:45 a.m. I wondered if it would be just as well to call a locksmith? Spend 150.00 to sleep for 2 or 3 hours and then end up having to call a locksmith too?

We decide to sleep in the car. Think about that...we come from a 10 million dollar house where there were no expenses spared for a party just to come home and have to sleep in our car like hobos.

I was cold, I slept fitfully. I think I woke up one time startled and sat straight up. I think I woke the husband up because he asked me if I was ok. It was still dark at that time. I woke up again later when it was light, I sat up and the hub was gone. I fell back asleep. At some point he came and said: "I'm in!" I don't even know which window he got open. I just stumbled into the house (leaving my glasses in the car) and fell asleep.

All in all it was a good adventure. I did ooooh and ahhhh but I don't think we looked all that provincial. I'm happy that the bday boy has done so well for himself, he's basically made it in a business that isn't easy to get into.

As soon as I get off my butt I'll upload photos and some videos. You'll see the drunken antics of a fun party. Glad I didn't drink so I remembered to take some videos, etc.

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