Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How provincial am I? Very, I think

So this is fun/interesting/weird/exciting.

We got invited to a party in LA. The party is going to be at a very famous stars house. I can't even say who's house because that would be wrong.

The party theme is sort of a beach thing. I imagine there will be famous people there. I'm 99.9% the famous star will be there. It's not the stars birthday (like we'd get invited to some star's bday party!) But I believe there will be industry people there.

So I'm a little freaked out about what to wear. I know, how stupid is that? But still I think we'll stand out as the strangers, the oldsters there and I'd just as soon blend in so we don't look so, ah hmmm, provincial. I mean, how casual do you go? It's a beach party, but how beachy since it's not at the beach.

I hate to think I'll stare at everything around me, but I'm sure I will. I'm bringing a camera but I don't know the protocol for something like this. I totally feel like a fish out of water.


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