Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ya know I'm on vacation right? You know I'm an hourly employee right?

Today I get a text from my boss who said the big boss heard from someone that my phone did not say I was on vacation. And that I didn't put an away message on my email. I actually did put an away message on my email but forgot to click the button to start it. The voicemail I didn't even think of because I rarely get my own phone calls.

She also mentioned that the big boss mentioned that nobody defrosted her small frig while she was on vacation.

I actually object to getting texts on whatever I did wrong while I'm on vacation. I was directed to set my email status and call in and change my voicemail. I did that.

I'm hoping someone mentions the defrosting of the fridge to me in my review. Because I am not the big bosses personal assistant to be doing her clean up work like that.

Yes, I'm cranky.

My friend at work tells me that I should do everything the boss tells me to do because eventually she'll see I'm valuable. Cleaning someone fridge has nothing to do with how valuable I am as an employee. It does show how menial my duties are tho, to the big boss.

Today I seriously thought about getting a job with Starbucks. It's a good company, I'd be with people, I'd be allowed to talk to people (it is frowned upon to speak to people at my work), I'd be busy much of the time (I am incredibly bored at my work). I'd have different days off, I'd be ok with working weekends. Holidays would be tough but I could do it. I've worked retail many times in my life, I could do it again.

I like the way Starbucks thinks (for the most part). It's not worried about whichever party is in power right now (where I work one must be politically correct to whatever party is in power) because they lobby for us). Starbucks fits my political beliefs more closely than where I work now.

I must ponder if I can afford to start off at a minimum wage job.


susan m hinckley said...

Thanks for reminding me yet again why I don't just go out and get a job . . . but happy vacation!

VO said...

I think academia is really archaic. I didn't see the same kind of stuff in corporate...not saying it doesn't have it's problems but the hierarchy system is far more class driven in academia than it is in companies that have more open management.

At my old corporate job managers never asked an admin to do personal work for them (such as thaw a fridge). But it's business as usual in academia.

I really need to get out of academia, there is no future there for me.