Saturday, August 22, 2009

left the nest

It's funny to be friends with a 22 year old. She's barely older than my son but we have a different relationship than I have with my son's friends.

She's in grad school now, left a couple of days ago. Me and a friend from work went out, had dinner with her and then had a drink at a local pub (ok, so I ORDERED a drink but gave it to my friend after 3 sips). I am just not a drinker. Not interested. I've tried but really I just don't like being high. Weird. Well, because I used to drink socially all the time. Now, eh...I'd rather be sober.

I digress. It was great seeing her sing Karaoke in front of us. She was good! She said it took her a long time to be brave enough to do it. Well, she's got a great voice.

We parted about 10:30, I knew she had to be up by 3:00 a.m. What kind of adult friend would I be if we stayed out til midnight or later? LOL.

Tonight she called me, left a message and then posted to my wall on FB to call her. I did and she was exhuberant! She loves it in Chicago. Loves, loves, loves.

LOL, course she hasn't lived there in winter, I expect to hear her bitch about it later but for now, she is ecstatic. Good for her, an adventure. Something I've never done...gone away to live on my own having adventures. Looking back I wish I had. Oh well, I guess what is done is done, eh?

I'd love to visit her one day, me and my friend from work. For now I have to be content with seeing her pics on FB and hearing about her adventures. I hope she stays safe (I do worry about her). I know she looks at me as a friend but also as someone who she looks towards for advice. Things she might not broach her mother about just yet.

As an aside, her mom is 4 years younger than I am. LOL.

I hope she loves it there and finds all kinds of great memories.

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