Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reviews - out of this world

OMG, today I had my review. I am laughing so I won't just up and quit.

The Big Boss was never, ever on time for a meeting ever. She was always late. She finally decided to do something about it and turned over her calendaring to me. Her assistant could not do it, the Big Boss complained.

I took it over and very smartly added a reminder to my computer so I could put in a time when she needed to leave and when it popped up I'd get her to haul her butt to her meeting.

You'd think someone at her level could remember her meetings, eh? No, she cannot. Even tho I print her a calendar ever day.

For the last year I've been getting her to meetings on time. ON TIME. She listens to me too. She will cut short whatever conversation she is having to go. Because I stand there until she gets out the door.

Like a babysitter or a parent.

Today I got a More Than Satisfactory on my Work Approach. Because (as near as I can tell) there was a comment that I missed getting her to a few meetings recently. And yes, I forgot to tell her twice and twice I was busy on the phone and didn't hang up to get her to go to a meeting in our own dept. So about 4 times I missed getting her somewhere. Over 1 year of 6 meetings a day on average. That is over 1,600 times.

The other items were good remarks regarding my Work Approach. So how I got a More Than Satisfactory when it's taken super human strength to do my own job and get her out of the office on time is beyond me. She can't do it, my boss (who is her assistant) couldn't do it but I can and do. It seems petty to call out "a few times recently" in a review that is supposed to cover an entire year. The subjective instead of objective measurements is non-existant.

I got 3 More Than Satisfactory and 3 Exceptionals on my review. Nothing is measured, all of it is subjective. So the overall is More Than Satisfactory.

Ya know the jerky artist that works in my office? He got Exceptional. Why you ask? Because he's a good artist. WTF is that? He spends 1/3 of this time doing his own personal comics on work time, he screams at people - his interpersonal skills are horrible. But he gets an Exceptional overall because he's a good artist.

My boss got dinged because she gets personal phone calls on her cell. That is true. But her boss had spent DAYS on her personal fianances - she's refi-ing 2 homes and uses work time to talk to her banker. Not to mention she faxes docs to the bank, has had me do work on her documents for the bank and make copies of her husbands pharmacy receipts so she can file them with her accountant. So she has the balls to ding my boss for getting 2 minute calls.

I really, really have to get out of there.

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