Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tonight I was homeless for an hour. The hub and daughter went to a movie, in my car, which uses my keys...although not the house key. But the house key is on my keyring.

I am not one who has different key rings for different things...I have one keyring. I am always confused by people who carry different key rings, like car keys on one, house keys on another and work keys on a third. I'd lose em or something.

I get a text from the hub's phone saying: We're at the movies. I do not know which of them texted me as the daughter lost her phone somewhere in the house yesterday. I wasn't sure if they were already IN the movie or were at the ticket booth. I noted the text but didn't think I needed to answer it.

Driving home with my carpooler I realized the husband might be at the movies. I texted him. No answser. We pulled into the driveway and there was no car indicating he was home. Since the daughter doesn't drive...my expert detective sense told me he was at the movies.

I got dropped off at the movies, I saw my car in the parking lot..all locked up and no way to get in and drive.

I checked the hubs few favorite spots (maybe he was waiting for the daughter to get out of the movies?) No dice.

I sat my butt on a bench, pulled out my crocheting and set in for a wait. Teen boys (obviously high) stopped to see what I was doing. "oh, man, cool." one said when I answered the question: "Ahhh, hey, what is that you're making?" Then they went off yelling hello to people sitting in the restaurant patio across the walkway. Very obnoxious, very teen.

It was an hour and 20 mins later when the hub called; he had no idea I'd texted him and when I told him I was sitting out there waiting for them...he asked me why I was out there. Ohhhhhh, your keys are in my pocket.

Ah yeah.

The good thing was I got a bunch done on the crochet. The bad thing is my forearm brace was at home. The good thing was I sat with nothing to do but sit there in the shade. The bad thing was the bench is metal and it felt like I had waffle butt. hahaha.

So even tho my daughter got mad at me (cuz I wanted to go home, she wanted to shop, I relented with a testy voice, she went but came back quick all cranky saying she wasn't in the mood to shop anymore) I was happy to have the break and happier still to have gotten home with some work done.

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