Friday, August 21, 2009

An old friend

Today I got a Facebook friend request from a friend I met 18 years ago. He was a good guy. I worked with him for at least a dozen years.

Towards the end of that time he came out as transgender.

Life was difficult for him. I was the first person he told. I was also the first person who saw him dressed as a her for the first time (first of the company friends, and I don't think he had any outside friends).

I know it was because he knew he could trust me (I don't tell other peoples secrets ever).

As he returned to work as a she...she had a very tough time with people accepting her in her new image.

She left the company, we lost touch. For probably the last 6 or 7 years I haven't heard hide nor hair of her.

I was really happy to get her friend request. She looks like she's transitioned quite well as a female. She was quite male looking before and now there are only very small hints physically. I don't think anyone who didn't know her before would catch on easily.

I've seen firsthand how people can treat someone they've known for years like they've got something that might be catching, or look at them like a freak. To spurn them because of religous beliefs. It's heartbreaking because other than the wrappings they are exactly the same person. Exactly. The eyes, the windows to the soul is exactly the same.

A toast to her, a toast to old friends. I know some people can't handle that kind of change but I'm a richer person for knowing that from great struggle one can overcome that which looks insurmountable.

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