Friday, August 28, 2009

Scattered stuff

A yesterday I finished a knitted scarf. It's was 105 outside and I sat and knitted the last couple of inches at lunch. Craziness.

Today it was 111 where I live. Hot as Hell.

Work this week was odd. The big boss was very solicitous to me all week. Today she invited me to lunch, she paid for a 15.00 lunch at a nice restaurant. All we did was make small talk, no talk about the bad stuff in the office. Weird. We get along fine but it was still odd and weird.

Tomorrow night is Book Club. That Potato Peel Pie book was good I thought. I totally enjoyed it. Light and fun (with some war-ickiness) made it a good read.

I want to make a book. A covered folio really with hand sewn signatures. Using fabric and other media on the cover. I swear I should stick to one thing instead of having Craft ADHD.

More ADHD moments: The first photo is me from the birthday party I attended in LA a few weeks ago. A stranger came up to me and asked if he could take my picture. While I don't really like my picture taken I said ok. I look ok. (otherwise you'd never see this). The owner of the photo has it uploaded to FB so I was able to grab it (with his permission) The second picture is the shoes I wore that night. I took that picture. I don't wear white shoes ('cept sometimes tennis shoes) but you can see I do wear spiky heels. LOL, one of these days I'll decide I'm too old for heels but certainly not yet. Give me a great pair of pumps and I am a happy over the hill woman. Bwhahahaha.

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