Thursday, August 27, 2009

The phone isn't ringing

hmmmm, there is a "Come to JC" meeting in the conference room. The big boss read the self evals and I think the message of how messed up the office is came through.

One of the complaints is the lack of leadership here, specifically this dept. There are 3 bosses (actually 4 but one just started a week ago) and they all have their issues about not being available.
1. One is always in meetings away from the office. She is probably here 40% of the time and when she is here you can stand in her doorway and she will not look up at you. If you say something to her, she gives you the look of: What the hell do you want? and the tone of her voice matches that. People prefer to work around her.

2. One boss can't hear. I mean you can walk into her office and say: The temperture outside is 85. She will offer up solutions to a status. Her answer will be: Maybe you should wear lighter clothing? Or I'll have to ask the big boss if it's ok that you feel that way. If there is a direct question to her asking for specifics (in direction) she will say: What do you think? She cannot or will not take a stance.

3. The third one never wants to hear what anyone has to say unless they are a manager. It's very clear to everyone in the office that they don't count. Sooo, it's a lack of trust and confidence. The staff knows it. There are specifics on how this manifests but I can't talk about them.

Oddly only one dept is in there. Yet is almost all the staff that has an issue.

Right now I'm sitting in the front of the office and other than 3 people in the back working there is no one here. One of the girls who's office is right next to the conf room called me to tell me there were raised voices in there. Not raised enough that I can hear them tho...that means it's at least civil. But I'm betting there is a lot of frustration in that room right now.

lalala. I'll just sit here and listen for the phone to ring.

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