Sunday, August 23, 2009

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, & then to rest afterward."

The heat here is horrendous. Like Tx. Yesterday had to be 100 with 80% humidity. It's better today but still just stinkin' hot.

On Friday I stopped at an estate sale. I got a big bag of buttons for a dollar. They aren't great buttons, just plain buttons but I hate buying buttons at the store. Plastic buttons are expensive when you just need 1 (because you lost that one button somewhere, maybe the washer or dryer? It's not because I'm too fat it's always the bottom button to whatever cardigan or shirt I have. Weird). They looked all pretty together, the buttons that is.

So yesterday I made a bracelet out of some of the white ones. But I don't like the bracelet. I'm just not a button jewelry kind of gal. But it kept me busy for a little while.

I also knitted a bit on my scarf. I bought some Lion's brand suede in Spice for 1.50! I don't really like knitting with this stuff, no stretch at all. But how could I pass up yarn for 1.50? Since there was only one skein I should have passed on it but I loved the color. So my scarf is only 4 inches wide and hopefully it will be just long enough. If it isn't I plan on using one of the other 2 skeins in olive or teal as the other half. I know, weird but I think it would be cool to have 2 colors on each 1/2.

I could have done stripes using all 3 but I didn't want to weave in a kajillion ends. This yarn sucks when it comes to weaving in unless you want to knot it and I don't. The ends will always poke out and it looks ookie. Been there and done that.

Anyway I like the scarf, I'm doing seed stitch so it's nicely textured. And the best part is I don't have to think while doing it. LOL.

Today I ventured out of the house to pick up a book that we're reading for Book Club. Something about Potato Pie. I hear it's another one night read so I should have it finished by Sat no problem.

A nice weekend without having to think of that stupid place I stay at 9 hours a day on weekdays.

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