Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bored and driven to post meaningless nothing

The middle of the week, the middle of my vacation. I'm pretty bored. I finished the book, "Spin" and it was goooood. I couldn't stop reading it, it was that good. But now I'm not good because I'm out of reading material.

"cept on the web. But it's not like I can read a book on the web. I wish I had a Kindle. Then I could just purchase a book with a click of a button. It's not the same tho, but I sure would like the ease of getting a book right now when I want it. The price point for a Kindle is pretty steep, I'd never buy it for myself.

Ya know I don't ever buy anything that costs a lot of money, not for myself anyway. I've gotten ipods and other electronic stuff (like game consoles) for the family but other than buying a desktop I don't have any expensive toys. And the desktop is shared with the whole family (even tho I usually have the most amount of time on it).

Once I got an espresso machine. The best gift ever. I use it daily...errrr...multiple times a day. It's basically my diet.

Ok, I should go find something to do.

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