Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching up with some video and things I made post

The other night at the party, the bday boy dragged the husband and Jules into his house to sing show tunes. Here are a few videos.

My husband sitting on the piano bench singing with Jules on piano. (and yes, there are drunken people singing along throughout all these videos)

Dang it, on this one my memory card got full right before the high note ending. And he hit it as well!

There was a room below ground that is right next to the pool. You can see swimmers swimming (sans heads, hahahah). This was a mistake video, so it's really short but you get the drift.

More catch up stuff.

This is the backside of the necklace focal piece I did for a friend. Materials: magnet, alcohol inks, paper, stamp, gel medium. I ended up not using both strands of ribbon. Next picture shows the front side and what I ended up using. Click the photo to see details. Sort of hard to see some of the detail on the second photo. I need to be a better photographer or take more time or something.

This shows the front side of the focal piece and the simplified version of what I used as the necklace. I had many strands of ribbon with different beads but I ended up liking a very simplied version for the person I was giving it to. Also shown is the hairpin lace scarf I made.


susan m hinckley said...

Your hairpin lace is beautiful, VO! And the pendant is really pretty as well. You actually make things that LOOK like the things in the magazines!

And I can see from your Hollywood antics that you lead a much more exciting life than this little Minnesota girl . . . I can, however, attest to the fact that at my age sleeping in the car sucks. Oh to be young again.

VO said...

Thanks Susan. It was mostly fun making the scarf. LOL, I don't whether my stuff looks like things in magazines, I just toss stuff on other stuff til I like it. (and then I figure out what to do with whatever I made).

hahaha, we rarely go into LA ever. The party antics were a first, in terms of name parties.

Can you believe we had to sleep in the car like hobos? OMG, we are wayyyyy too old to be doing that kind of thing. Sheesh, my husband is 57!