Saturday, August 22, 2009


So on my review it was noted that people stop at my desk and talk to me. The only goal I have for the upcoming year is to figure out how to stop them from talking to me. I pointed out that the employees who are talking to me have the problem, not me. it's up to their supervisors to deal with their behaviour and if they're talking to me they should have it on their reviews. I'll add I got high marks for always having my work done completely and timely.

The day after my review the big boss who added the crap about people talking to me left the office for 3 hours (which is her right as an exempt employee). She went to sign escrow papers. You know, personal business. Her right as well.

She walks back into the office and I am sitting at my desk. Natch.

She talks to me for 20 minutes telling me about the horrors of signing all that paperwork and how terrible this whole process has been. She even leans on the wall as she talks to me. She finally goes into her office.

My boss looks at me and says: "OMG, I can't believe she just did that! She totally stood here for 20 mins talking to you about personal stuff!"

Yeah, that's the problem. The big boss can point out things like that but it's ok if she does it. I tell my boss all the time how she talks to me for up to 45 mins at the end of the day rather than doing work. Or letting me go home because the phone never rings after 5.

bitch, bitch,'s unbelievably crazy.

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