Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to the emergency room

The hub called the MIL earlier today and she didn't answer.  Jona, a friend of the MIL went to see her today.  

She called and said she'd just gotten back and the MIL was not right.  All she did for 2 hours was mumble jibberish.  Joan called the front desk and told them something was wrong.  It took them a while but they got there and Joan left.

While I was on the phone with Joan someone called the hub and said they were taking the MIL to the emergency room again.

I called the SIL and she is calling her living place to find out what happened.  

I was surprised that they released her last night.  But I'm also sure they think she's senile and maybe how she appears is how she is, when it's not.

I'm betting it will be a longish night for the boys and for her. 

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