Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on the MIL in the hospital

The MIL got admitted yesterday, took them until 11:30 p.m. or so to get her in a room.  I'm sure the boys are exhausted today.  

She's got a UTI, is dehydrated and she probably hasn't eaten in a day or two.  Joan said she didn't touch her food while she was visiting (she ordered food for both of them).  

Usually when we visit I have to urge the MIL to eat.  That by itself is telling.  She loves food almost more than anything else.  That she ignores it even when she is lucid is a little sign.  

It's not surprising that she didn't eat the last 2 days because she was totally out of it.  Joan says she had no awareness of her even being there.  I don't understand why the assisted living place didn't call someone when she wasn't eating or didn't appear at the dining room...especially since she was mumbling and not responsive to anything but her own internal LaLa land.  I questioned the doctors decision to release her on Sat because it didn't sound like she was of sound mind or even semi-sound...but I guess they must have figured that whoever took care of her would raise the alarm if things weren't right.

But they didn't.  

The other thing is for the last 2 days she hasn't had her levadopa meds, she's mostly been without and her Parkinsons is very evident in her movements.  The jerking, the facial contortions are the reality of what the levadopa does do for her.  I wonder how long it will take to ramp up the meds again so she can have the dosage to control the spasms without either going to sleep or into delusional LaLa land.  I also wonder when they will reintroduce the meds, before or after she starts becoming lucid from the antibiotics getting rid of the UTI?  If the UTI is under control will she regain some of her mind from the delirum?

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