Friday, March 20, 2009

Dang it accident

It's weird when you get a call that your husband has been in an auto accident.  The first thing you think of is: Are you ok?  Which is sort of odd because it was the husband who is calling me, not a stranger asking me if my husbands name is....

So I leave work early, I just told one manager and took off.  I knew he was ok (and he was cussing a blue streak) but still I had to see for myself.

It took me 25 mins to drive there.  No way to get on the freeway to that spot.  The husband was standing next to his truck and yes, it was smash-a-roo-ed.  Front grill pushed up and over.  The left front panel and that part of the bumper was smashed up against the tire.  No way to drive it.  The damage does all the way to the back panel.  This is a GMC extended cab truck so it's big.  The car that pulled in front of him was an old Honda Civic.  No match for the truck.

I don't know if it will be totaled.  Maybe, the truck is probably valued somewhere between 10 and 15k and I'm betting the body work will come to almost that amount.  Hard to tell if the frame is bent so it might come down to how much the body work will cost to call it a total loss.  

The car that pulled out in front of the hub is an old, broken down looking civic.  The guy didn't have a license but does have insurance.  Thank God.  We suck because we have a 500.00 deductable.  Well, that's better than having to replace a car without insurance.  So I'm counting us as lucky.  

As soon as he downloads the photos I'll post a photo.


susan m hinckley said...

Well I'm certainly glad your husband is okay -- cars can be replaced (but what a pain) I laughed outright when I read about your kids taking your scissors. Nothing makes me angrier than when I go to get something of MINE in MY STUDIO and I can't find it because my daughter has taken it. Which doesn't happen more than 100 times a week when she's home. And she'll be home from college in another 6 weeks. Better start hiding things.

VO said...

Bwhahhaahah, it's a universal thing eh?

Today I bought 4 pairs of (cheap) scissors.