Saturday, March 21, 2009

The truck photos

I downloaded the photos for the husband today.  It's funny the damage on the truck doesn't look that bad when you look at it two dimensionally.   That said, the truck is not drivable.   If you want to see each photo in more detail, click the photo.  It will enlarge.

The front end is pushed to the right and folded underneath so it's touching the left front tire.  The bumper is toast and also is pushed the same way.

The photo below is the right side.  And see those legs in the jeans?  That's me.  The torso in the red is the passenger of the other car.  He hit his head on the windshield (which did break) but didn't seem to be suffering from it.  He was awfully cheery.  

The photo below shows how the bumper is barely hanging on.  The ground is wet underneath, radiator is probably punctured or hoses are disconnected.  

I have a photo of the small dent on the rear left panel but it's not all that exciting of a photo.  I don't know if the dent is easily repaired or if it is in such a place that the panel (which would be very large) would need to be replaced.

No idea what kind of cost would be associated with this sort of damage, I can only say that the smashed door (on this same vehicle) was about 2k.  However that damage did not occur with this accident.  

Also, the hub told me more details.  The other driver turned when the hub was about 20 ft from him.  He was traveling between 40 - 45 mph.  The hub turned the wheel to the right  and ended up hitting the front right side of the other car.  The other car passenger was lucky, more than likely if he's actually t-boned them he might have been badly injured.  It was more of a glancing blow but it did spin them around.  Their car was pointed the opposite way than they were going.

Hub said he had buddha clarity as he went thru the accident.  However, he doesn't really remember the airbag going off but remembers the dust from the airbag (he thought it was smoke).  Nor does he remember hitting his leg and he has a small injury there.  The worst of it is the airbag burn he got on his arm.  

Everyone was lucky to have gotten out of it with just very minor injuries.  The hub loves the fact that the truck kept him safe.  My thoughts are he was lucky it was a small compact car, he only hit them a glancing blow, not a head-on and air bags are pretty danged good.  I did tell him his belly saved him because it mostly hit his belly/chest area.  He's lucky to be tall, I probably would be hit in the face because I'm short.  I have a feeling that if he ends up having to get a new vehicle he'll go for the same truck.  I am hoping he goes for a more economical fuel vehicle.  


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

They have been making some decent truck hybrids.

VO said...

Way out of our price range.

Billy Canary said...

I was very aware of the airbag going off, but because my hands were at ten and two it did not go to my chest. It hit my arms. Cop confirmed that. It was pretty danged loud too.
I didn't notice the leg until I got to the doctor.