Friday, March 13, 2009

Laid me out

Yeowch. Last night I got a migraine. About 8 p.m. Big pain in my right eye (usually it's the left) and way nauseous. I haven't had a migraine like that in a long time.

I can usually function thru a migraine but this one, no way. I went to sleep. I hadn't fed the dogs and worried they wouldn't get fed. Was able to tell the hub to feed them and my voice sounded like I was all slurry or something. I also got up a couple of hours later to use the restroom and it was hard to walk.

Bad migraine.

I kept trying to think about what I ate yesterday: blackberries, sunflower seeds, a tangerine and a piece of quiche. Nothing in the food that might trigger a migraine. I didn't eat dinner but that's not unusual.

So I don't think it was something I ate. The weather was nice yesterday, nothing that would make me think it was sinus related.

My throat has been sore but I don't feel sick.

I guess I was just due for one or something.


susan m hinckley said...

Hope you're feeling better! My daughter gets migraines and we can only figure out what triggered it about a third of the time.

Next time I get a bill or service rep I don't want to deal with, can I call you and get you to handle it? Sounds like you're better at that sort of thing than I am . . .

VO said...

Yes, I'm feeling much better. Stoopid migraines. My daughter gets them far more often than I do. She's on daily meds. I hope your daughter is able to have at least a little control over hers.

I'd be happy to help with any service stuff...LOL, it's sort of like a game to figure out what works (and sometimes what doesn't).