Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need to feel refreshed?

Last weekend Susan called me to drive out to Michaels with her.  I can never resist going to a craft store so off we went.  I didn't really need anything so I didn't buy anything (OMG, can you believe it?).  She bought teacher-type stamps and we were out of there in 15 mins.

We got coffee, sat and talked mostly of our families and what everyone's been up to.  After that update we decided to walk to Big Lots across the parking lot.  That particular store has yarn.  Not much yarn but a little.  I got 2 skeins of Bernat Matrix yarn for a dollar a skein!  

We wandered the aisles looking for other good deals.  We noticed that Big Lots had more expensive items (like a 25.00 candle.  Some cheesy flatware was priced at 25.00 as well.)  They still had cheesy cheap stuff but a lot of the name brand stuff was priced higher than what you'd expect at Big Lots. 

I did spy this little product and I knew I had to whip out the cell phone camera. 

Head wipes.  I guess when guys need to feel refreshed they can wipe their heads.  And look, the price is only 2.00!  Refreshing cleanliness for only 2.00!  I'm a little disappointed that the box doesn't state the head wipes are antibacterial too.  But I guess those head wipe marketers can't think of everything.  I guess I have to be satisfied that each one is "individually wrapped".  The little wrapped package shown on the box looks like a condom doesn't it?  Well, I guess you could wipe that head too if you accidently pull out a Head Wipe instead of the trusty Trojan.  

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