Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Useless info

Today I'm cruising the LA Times Calender section from Sunday, March 1. A good article titled, "If I ran the NEA". I flip thru the section and look at the theater ads.

Every wonder what the heck Taylor Hicks is doing? I hadn't but I read the ad with his name in it.

"American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks is Teen Angel". He's doing Grease at the Pantages.

It's not something I have any urge to see or hear.

So I flip further into the section and read a reiew of "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way" a memoir of essays by Diana Joseph. I might want to read this one even tho I don't like memoirs for the most part.

I haven't read the Leonard Cohen story yet. I'm saving that for later, another time when I'm sitting here bored to tears.

I did read my horoscope (worthless and not worth the time to type it).

This is how I spent my afternoon.

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