Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me pants

Today I wore the pants I made. I used navy material since I don't have any navy pants.

Here I am walking away from my pal who was taking photos at an event I had to attend today.

I bought that jacket for 15.00 (yahoooo) and didn't really have pants that matched. I have khaki's that match the tan in it but really it needs navy pants. So even tho I didn't bring the jacket to match it, it works pretty well don't you think?

It's funny because today there were bag pipers at this event. Their tartan's matched my jacket perfectly in color. I mean perfectly. Strange.

I'm pretty happy with those pants...I need to make some more in different lengths. And some in some easy crisp cotton (a blend preferably) so I can wear them to work in the summer. Today by 10 a.m. it was hot and I could have been very comfortable in some cropped pants. (athough cropped pants would have been way too casual for the event.

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