Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just because I was bored

Well, I did get out of the house today. I drove to the fabric store, got fabric for some pants and a Simplicty pattern for a buck ninety nine. Really! All told for fabric, thread, elastic and pattern about 16.00. Pattern sales are good and so is getting your fabric for 5.99 a yard.

But I didn't sew up the pants. I got lazy once I got home. Went home and the energy just deflated. LOL.

Ok, well, it's a little past 7 and I have got to get my butt to the store.


susan m hinckley said...

I think I still have a pair of pants I started making in jr. high somewhere . . . I'd probably need more fabric now. Which would be a problem because it wouldn't match. So never mind.

VO said...

Ohhhh but think how cute those pants could be if you felted and stitched new fabric onto it so the pants would fit you now! Wheeeeee! A new project! It might be one of those "creative genius" ideas.