Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still choppy waters

Today was somewhat better in the office.  Not much but some.  

The girl who's actions caused the blow up wasn't talking to anyone.  The girl who blew up was acting as if there was no blow up yesterday.  

The one calm guy and me talked about it and we both patted each other on the back that a call for professionalism and calmness was how we both reacted.  <----- that is a bad sentence, but you get the gist.  He asked me if the Boss knew about the personnel issues.  Yes, mostly she does but she doesn't address any personnel issues...hence neither does her direct reports.  He's quite new there and is generally quiet and doesn't get involved.  He neither adds or subtracts to the chaos. 

I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow, the whole office is off.  Good thing, everyone needs to get away from there.  Some of the office people (who were not involved) are thinking of going to someone who can be impartial and report the issues to see if they can get some conflict resolution going on.  

Tonight I have to read the book club book (Little Bee) and have it finished by Sat at 6:30.  It's book club night on Sat.  I'd better get a move on! 

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