Saturday, March 28, 2009

MIL update, the daughter gets gold and sock monkeys read

While at book club I heard from the hub.  MIL has a UTI (which can and does cause hallucinations in the elderly).  The boys have had her in the docs twice asking if she had a UTI and all cultures came back clean until today.  Hmmmmm.  But a UTI does answer why she's had hallucinations.  The doc's said nothing wrong with her heart.  The hub did say something that I thought was odd and that was the MIL hadn't had at least 2 dosages of her medications (while she was at the hospitial) and she was cycling thru the same couple of hallucinations.  

I was thinking that maybe without the meds, the hallucinations would lessen.  Well, we wait to see if the antibiotics gets rid of the UTI and hopefully she'll be lucid again.  It's hard on the boys to have to deal with this.

The daughter and her choir got: 1st place gold for show choir (she has a long solo in this) and 1st place gold for chamber choir.  The adjudicator's came up on stage afterwards and asked who was the soloist.  The daugher stood and they told her she was great, just perfect.  

I only got text, the hub got a phone call and she was wayyyy excited.  Love that so much!  She's worked so hard on her voice and delivery those comments about sent her to the moon!

Book club was fun.  Everyone liked the book alot.  

Earlier today I made a new graphic in PhotoImpact.  Here it is.   See that latte cup?  It's the exact cup I use every single day for my lattes.  Yes, it's that big in comparison to the book and sock monkey head.   Btw, on my FB my name is on the spine of the book.  Here in my anon blog it's absent.  


Billy Canary said...

You left out the crack in the cup.
Good name for a restaurant: Crack in the Cup.

VO said...

No, my cup does not have a crack in the cup. I know at least one of them does but mine doesn't. I wish I could find those cups again.