Saturday, March 14, 2009

Painting in PhotoImpact

Since I don't have access to my old computer I don't have photoshop on this one. Which kind of sucks if I want to make painted graphics. I do have PhotoImpact 10 on this one and usually I just use it for vector type work.

But since I joined Facebook and I hate having my real face showing I've been making all kinds of profile pics to post as my profile. hahahha, they look nothing like me, they're just fun things I make.

Here are a couple that I (mostly) painted in PI 10. It behaves totally different than PS so I've had to get used to that. In some ways it's nicer to work with because the vectors are so easy to use that I can create something in hours instead of days.

Now that I have a few female faces I need something else to work on. Something not so pretty female. Went thru a sock monkey phase, now need other things. Must ponder.

My current profile pic.

Made this one as a sort of mermaid inspired one.

I haven't used this one yet. I just made it today.

Another I made tonight.

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