Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thats all, she wrote

I wasted a whole day today. I did nothing...nothing substantial.

I watered the flowers. I guess to the flowers that might be substantial. They were looking a little wilty. A lot of sun the last few days, no rain.

I read my book. This last week I've read 3 books (I'm sorta on a tear).

I played with making faux amber. Looks great but I haven't perfected it and I need some Flex stuff. Did not want to drive out to Michaels so I didn't.

Briefly entertained making a pair of pants. Again, no motivation to drive anywhere to get supplies.

Took a nap. Totally motivated to do that.

Woke up groggy.

Played a game of scrabble and lost. Sheesh. My stats are pretty good, I win 2/3 of my games. I play 2 peeps regularly. One is better than the other. I do need more players to challenge me tho.

That's all I did today.

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