Saturday, March 28, 2009

MIL emergency

I'm about to leave for bookclub.  Have to catch a ride.  I'm the only one in the family with a working car but the only one who has to catch rides everywhere.  Or I get stuck at home.  

Last night I had no car and tonight I thought I'd have a car but there is an emergency with the MIL.  She fell again (she thinks out of her bed, not likely since they don't really let you go to bed in the middle of the day).  She did NOT use her emergency button thing that she wears around her neck.  Apparently she was yelling for help.  Have no idea if anyone could really hear her since she doesn't really raise her voice loud enough to hear, not usually anyway.  Plus she was slurry, nobody could understand much of what she said.  

She's at the emergency room after an ambulance ride.  She's not too injured (so far), she has a contusion over her eye and she's probably bruised.  

They're giving her a cat scan, and some other scan to check out her chest.  Someone said a possible arythmia (sp) thing, they used the word blockage but the hub doesn't think they meant blockage as in low blood flow.  There is this: and then this:

My mom had arrhythmia (tachycardia) which caused her to fall over and convulse, it never caused any slurring of words or hallucinations.  

I suspect they won't find anything because I do think it's meds and possibly hallucinations related.  She was jerking oddly last Sunday and both boys have seen her using her arms to lift her body out of the wheelchair.  It's possible she's thinking she wants to get out of the chair and is partially successful...but since she cannot use her legs she'd fall right over. 

I really wish they'd withdraw all meds and introduce them back to her to find out which one/ or which combo is the one that is causing all the problems.  Yes, I think she'd be shaking like crazy but at least she'd be cognizant (I think).  And if she isn't we'll know she's definately got Parkinsons dementia.

This sucks.  I'll be getting reports as the boys hear from the docs.  Susan is picking me up in a few minutes.  

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