Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creaky and cranky

Ya remember that pattern I bought last week? So I finally decided to cut it out and sew it.

Shouldn't take me very long eh?

OMG! Getting down on the floor to cut out the pattern is HELL on my knee. I had knee surgery and it creaks and pops and if I squat it kills me. So don't squat right?

Well, how do you get down there other than squat down? I suppose I could fall forward on my face and then roll over there. As long as I keep my leg straight it's mostly ok.

Secondly. Before I had kids I always had scissors. Scissors for paper and scissors for fabric. Not any more. I buy scissors, they disappear. Both kids take them without any thought of asking (because they know I'll freak out if they want to use fabric scissors on paper.) So they just don't even ask (What she doesn't know won't hurt her).

I had to cut my fabric out with a pair of these:

That's right, floral shears. While sharp, they don't cut fabric very accurately.

I need a safe to put all the things I want hidden: scissors, wirecutters, jewelry pliers, and yes, even my hairbrush.

So now I am going to ice my knee and think about sewing up those %$^&&% pants.

UPDATE 8:03 P.M. I made the pants, easy as pie. Well, 'cept I had to go buy some hemming lace because the rise was too long and since I measured from the rise down the pants became too short when I flipped down the top for the casing.

And I barely made it to the fabric store. Thought they closed at 7, they closed at 6! Had to wait 10 mins for the hub to leave so I got there at 5:55. Just enough time to race over, get it and pay.

We were supposed to go see the MIL tonight but she's hallucinating. So the boys took her to urgent care. They thought she might have a UTI but as of Friday the doc said there was nothing in her culture. I just called, she hasn't been seen yet but seems to be doing ok. Although I'm not sure if she thinks it's odd that she's at Urgent care in the night time.

So now, I'm at home and I'm hemming my pants. The pattern says to machine hem but I'm doing it by hand. There is something satisfying about hemming by hand. I think tomorrow I might write about sewing. Now to get that second leg finished so I can wear them tomorrow.


Donita Curioso said...

Those are cute pants. I haven't sewn anything in a long time. Sometimes I enjoy it, but usually sewing is a chore for me.

I solved the problem of my kids taking my sewing scissors by buying LOTS of general purpose scissors and keeping them stashed in several places around the house. I bought a nice pair of sewing scissors and labeled them with a floppy tag. As long as it's easy for them to find a pair of regular scissors they'll respect the sewing scissors. Plus, Paige has started to sew so she appreciates the importance of having a pair of scissors that function perfectly.

Seeing that pattern gave me a little sewing twinge. I'll be making some curtains after I gat back from vacation. that'll probably cure me for a while.

VO said...

I swear I must have 10 pair of scissors in this house. Somewhere. Almost every time I go to a store like Big Lots or the Dollar store I pick up a pair.

Joanne's had Simplicity patterns for 1.99,not sure if the sale is still on but patterns nowadays are really expensive. Which is why sometimes I draft my own patterns (huge pain in the butt) and I only do simple things.

I have some fabric left over, I might end up making some kind of tank/tunic out of it.

VO said...

btw, I haven't replaced any expensive scissors. I think I'm going to wait til those kidlets (that I love dearly despite the fact they steal scissors) move out. So it might be a few years. Hahahahaha.

Donita Curioso said...

Only 10 pairs?

At Ikea they sell decent scissors in three-packs for like, six bucks. I always snag a couple when I go there.

I think waiting for the kids to move out is a sensible plan. When Paige moves out I'll have a cleaner house and the hall light won't be constantly burning.

VO said...