Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wed haps

Yesterdays happening where I work:

From about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
A woman screaming in Starbucks: I am a good mother, I'm 53 and I have 5 kids. Another woman calling the police. I did not see this, I heard about it from coworkers.
The same woman sitting a table behind us fixing the girls hair (she is maybe 12). Hovering and watchful. This I saw.
The same woman and girl lean against the wall across the parking lot.Later, the woman sits on the stairs with the girl straddling her, lying on her like a rag doll.  Mom says: It's ok, it's ok.  My friend sees this. 
The woman in a police car pleading to a friend, "Please help me, I need to get out of this car, please get me out." My friend called me to tell me about this encounter.
Walking by the policecar, the little girl over to the side talking to a policeman. I hear, "We're going to admit her/you today." Not clear if it was the kid or the mom. The mother did not try to speak to us.
A woman in a blue shirt came, stoked the girls hair, talked to the girl. Talked to the police, talked to the mom and took the girl's hand and walked away.
The girl never looked back at her mom in the policecar.
The policecars drove away with the woman in the backseat.

Something was "off" about those 2.  Maybe the mom was off her meds?  Sad to see unfolding.  **********************************************

Last night played a public game of scrabble on FB.  Was losing in a big way.  I had no vowels so had to play 3 letter words for about 6 turns.  Got a 4 letter word: qaid and played it on a triple.  Got good points.  Amost caught up, but not quite.  Then got a Bingo.  Passed the guy by 20 pts. Two turns later I get another Bingo.  Now I'm up over 100 pts to my competitor.  He takes one more turn, it's my turn and he forfeits.

Just forfeits just like that!  The Z was still unplayed, there were 14 tiles in the bag and we both had full holders of 7 letters.  Grrrrr.  336-259.  He could have caught up.  I had 5 vowels and 2 Y's in my hand. 

FB sends me an email saying: "Chris F. could not handle the heat and forfeited the Scrabble game named "let's roll!". Click here to see the game."


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