Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because I don't update this blog like I used to update my old blog

Notable things this week:

Stan, Doni's dad died this week. Sad in many ways, good in other ways. Late stage Alzheimers isn't pretty. It's never good when a parent dies and dying of a horrible disease is a terrible strain on the family.

The time change. I love, love more sunshine. But for some reason I'm soooo tired by about 8 p.m. Maybe it's age? OMG.

The son got accepted at one of the UC's he applied for...Yay. He won't find out about the other 2 for about a month. The daughter has not heard yet on her application.

The MIL is turning 85 next month. She seems more and more confused although nothing like last year. Mostly she is with it, sometimes she's just off tho. Probably meds. I heard a partial conversation between her and the hub and it was sort of wacky. I worry. I also worry about the kids losing their first family member. NOT that I think she's on her way out, but it is coming. It being either her not being herself, because of the drugs they treat Parkinsons or because she's just tired of living. Some days that's sort of what she hints at to me. The boys think I'm making too much out of her comments but I guess I'm more of a worrier or I'm just trying to get ready for the inevitable. I guess when you've lost parents already you get a little jumpy.

One of my acquaintences on FB got engaged this weekend. Yay for her. They are waiting til 2010 to get married.

Blogger is making me crazy. Since yesterday I cannot log in using the browser Opera. I must log in using Firefox. Pain in the buttinski.

I am out of books to read. Yikes! I NEED some books.

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