Friday, December 5, 2008

Been absent cuz I've been busy!

I have been totally remiss in writing in the blog. A. I joined facebook and b. I've been busy.

Busy: The daughter is turning 17 on Monday. I am scrambling to figure out exactly what to get her. She's not asking for anything. Silly daughter. She does sort of want a coat that the water polo kids wear but the hub is checking that out and I don't know the status of that. I went to the shopping center nearby and it was a zoo and I only went to the bookstore and they didn't have what I wanted to get for her. Drat. This is it: Hello Cupcake. Check out the price. Very good price. Borders only had the 30.00 kit where you got the book, about 25 cupcake liners and a little tin of pastry bags with tips. Ahem, quite the ripoff. I think I'll just order it from B&N. I wish I still had my Club card with them.

Look at all of these images, there are tons of pics of the things that people have made. They are fabulously darling. She's a foodie, especially when it happens to be desserts. Although she's not a huge cake eater, this might tempt her.

So as for facebook. I have hooked up with an amazing number of people from my past in the last week...from all decades of my life. One thing I like is that people can see a short portion of my profile but can't see any details unless I let them. They have to ask to be my "friend" (which I think is so cheesy) but it does allow you to deny access. You can also make it so only people you know can even view the modified profile. So that helps with my psycho need to be unreachable or find out exactly where I am to those who I don't want contacting me.

Busy: I've been on a knitting roll. Since Thanksgiving I've been knitting. I've learned how to make hats! Ok, so I've made 3 but only 1 is what I'd call successful. I also learned how to do brioche stitch. It's beautiful because it makes a thick fabric that is airy but still warm. It's a type of ribbing and it's pretty cool.

Susan was gifted with a bonanza of knitting needles from her mom and deceased grandmother. She gave me some fabulous (and I mean really fabulous) circular needles in many sizes. She also gave me a set of circulars that are interchangable. OMG! Cool. Now, I just have to get better at joining!

So far I haven't tried to make anything that I can give as a gift. I mean I could give scarves being the expert rectangle queen but the large size needles that I prefer are very girly and not very masculine so it's not like I can give any of the guys a girly scarf. I mean I could but if all that hard work sits around because it's girly, I'd rather keep it myself. And I can't knit with teeny needles so I can't make a tightly knit scarf for boys. Just as well, I don't really see any of them but the son wearing any kind of knit thing ever.

So that's the haps with me.

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