Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have snot. Yes, I do. This morning I am sneezing and blowing snot. Ain't nobody gonna wanna use the computer after me since I'm pretty sure I'm spreading germs all over the keyboard and mouse. Who spread their fungi to me? Some stranger no doubt.

All that knitting I did yesterday...bad hats. Unless you have a big old mushroom head. Or a giant afro. Unluckily for me, my daugher has neither. And now she won't have a hat either. Nobody but a gnome would wear a fungi on their head.

I could try again, I hate giving up because I KNOW I can do it (cuz I've already made one hat that was successful. Success meaning it was actually a beret and not a big old mushroom hat.


VO said...

Snot is falling out of my nose. I must have a tissue in hand every second. I could stuff tissue in there and it would be drenched in a few mins.

I think I need another box of tissues already.

I got yarn this morning but did not knit a danged thing. I went shopping with Kim instead. Now she'll probably come down with this horrible runny snot thing. My family better watch out too.

Donita Curioso said...

When I have a really runny nose I use an old baby blanket. It's big, it's absorbent and it doesn't scratch up your nose like paper tissues. After the girls outgrew theirs I kept a couple of them just for that purpose. I'll bet an old t-shirt would work just as well. Just cut off the neck and sleeves.

VO said...

I dunno something about walking around shopping wiping my snotty nose on a shirt seems wrong.

But I might have to consider it, my nose is toast.

Donita Curioso said...

Heh! Well, no, I wouldn't want you to do that in public. This is strictly for home use.

Maybe for public outings you could employ a veil.

VO said...

Child to her mommy: "Look at that bride mommy, she's wiping her snot on her veil."