Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The sock adventure

I knitted a sock. One. Not a pair, singlular.

Looking at those socks in this book I could not see how I could actually knit a sock. It's a tube yes, but it's got increases, decreases, flaps and gussets. Who knew sock construction could be so detailed?

I don't really appreciate the construction of a sock. I've never really looked at the construction. Or I have too many tube socks.

It's the 90 degree angle that'll kill ya when making socks.

I got some sport weight acrylic yarn from the husband. Slightly large for socks. I had size 9 dpns, nothing smaller. All the patterns called for ultrafine, fine or sock weight yarn. On size 0. 1, 2, 3, or 4 sized needles. Cast on 64 or there abouts.

I cast on 36 on those size 9 dpns. No swatch, too impatient. I'm a shoot from the hip kind of knitter.

Which can kill ya, ya know.

I did an inch of ribbing (hate purling). Had to find a way to purl that didn't require my index finger to dip forward. Eureka! Found Norwegian purling. Working thread to the back instead of the front.

Knitting from the cuff down was easy. I find dpns fairly easy and relaxing. No purling, just knit. tra lalalalalala.

I did the heel flap. Oh oh, purl bumps on the outside! Should have purled that first row. Or started knitting from the inside instead of the outside. I knit an inch and realized I was stuck.

No amount of looking at pictures on the internet helped. And I do very heavy research on the internet.

I drove to the LYS. The lady there was very helpful. It took her a long time to figure out how to do the short rows to turn it. My reminder is always 2 past the center turn. I think.

Got that knitted there at the store. Now the decreases. Must engage brain more. No decreases on the heel side but do decrease every other round at the sides.

My sock has personality. It's got a purled heel because (get this) the stockinette stitch would be softer on the heel. Bwhahahaha. Ah huh.

I had too many stitches on one side so I had to decrease more on one side than the other. It doesn't really matter all that much because you can't tell at a casual glance.

The sock also looks giant. In reality it fits fine. I can see where I could have cast on fewer stitches given the weight and size of needles. Would have made a tighter sock on the calf.

I left the LYS to finish up the gussett decreases and finish off the sock at home. I got to the toe and realized I wasn't quite sure how to decrease the toes. I put it on. My toes hung out and I thought I could make toeless socks like I made fingerless gloves! But no, that probably wouldn't work.

I just went for it and whatever I did (decreases at each needle) with a slip on, k2t.

My sock needs it's own photo.

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