Friday, December 19, 2008

Choir concert

Well, dang it, I'm sick again. This one is different because now I have a sore throat and am coughing. It involves snot too.

I guess I should count myself as lucky because it's not putting me down. I don't feel horrible horrible. Just a little sick.

Didn't stop me from going to the daughters choir concert last night. She was great. She had 3 duets, she and her friend Linds sang Silver Bells and another friend (who happens to be pregnant) sang Silent Night.

The daughter is a great harmonizer, I had no idea she could harmonize so well. The Silent Night song had some incredible harmony, the melody was arranged differently than the traditonal and the pregnant singer was sharp a couple of times. Which made it sound like the daughter was off (but she wasn't). Her pitch is so good that I was surprised she didn't mess up the harmony. Major kudos for that.

She was able to show everyone that she's a really good harmonizer in Silver Bells with Linds. They each took a solo part and then sang together in the chorus. You could hear each part wonderfully but there was still a great blend between them. Linds has a sweet saprano to the daughters alto. The daughter is good enough to do a capella work.

She was also in a little quartet that sang counterpoint to the entire choir (of almost 200 choir members)First the choir sang in the 4 corners of the theater, then all but the quartet moved to the stage. The quartet was behing me and the hub and it was beautiful. I turned around and there she was, she stuck her tongue out at me!

All in all, that concert was the best one of all the concerts I've seen there. There were a couple of solos that should have never seen the stage (Kim should never, ever sing again in public). Maybe it's the 20 performances they've done in the last 2 wks that has really helped.

Oh and by the way, that Woman's Choir should probably be axed. They were downright horrible.

I give the evening an A+.

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