Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tomorrow night is bookclub at the inn. Me and Susan are carpooling because it's packed down there. It'll be fun, but likely an early night (which is good). I should have stopped at the store to get the ever-last minute wrapping paper and cards tonight for the 2 birthdays. But I forgot and it's too late to do anything about it tonight.

I'll have to leave for work early and get it before work.

We haven't done a lick of shopping yet. Ok, so I have gotten the hub his big present so that is done but otherwise I'm dry of ideas or get up and go. Probably because no money is hard to deal with while you are shopping and trying to figure out what to get the kids, etc.

Well, I need to go to bed. Tonight is the first night since we got the new cpu that I've been able to get on before 11 p.m. Which means I've been going to bed way later than normal.

I am going to take advantage of that and go to bed now and maybe I'll feel like I got enough sleep for once. Crossing my fingers.

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