Thursday, December 18, 2008

FB is like readers digest

Ya know facebook is sort of like Readers Digest. Quickly digestable content.

It IS fun to catch up with old friends and it also shows you how many of your older friends who are not on it (or are lacking technology).

It's pretty amazing to me too that many of the "kids" I knew back in the day are so successful in their jobs. A couple of actors with screen credits, an animation artist, a producer. At least 2 music industry persons. Some real estate people: agent and loan person. Oddly I only have 3 yoga friends on there that I've hooked up with. A majority are old LP pals and theater pals in equal measure. Some of them are the kids of old friends of ours. That really cracks me up because who knew? They're all grown up in their 30 and 40's!

But still, the average comment on FB is short and sweet. It's the email function that helps it become more than Readers Digest. I can see that after one catches up, those peeps will fade back into the background again.

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