Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lil' Amys

I ventured out last night with the hub and the daughter. She met friends for dinner and a movie. She and I shopped for a little while (gift certificates burn holes in her pockets). I'm tapped out so no shopping for me, just wandering around with her advising her (but mostly only if she asked).

We went to the bookstore and she pointed out 2 little Amy Winehouses. They were about 12, very short but had full-on make up, hairstyle and outfits. Since they were 12 or so they didn't really have the Amy Winehouse body (pre-substance abuse). Nor did they have the emaciated Amy Winehouse body because it didn't look like they were alcoholic drug abusers.

You've really got to wonder who'd help 12 year olds copy a look like Amy's.

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