Monday, December 29, 2008

It's clatchy but it probably won't stick

"Inland Moms Blog
The on-line coffee clatch for Inland Southern California mothers."

There is something seriously wrong when the biggest inland newspaper cannot spell klatch or doesn't have any idea that it's klatch not clatch.

Although it totally works if you look up the word "clatch": n. 1. (Scot. & Dial. Eng.) A soft or sloppy lump or mass; as, to throw a clatch of mud.
2. Anything put together or made in a careless or slipshod way; hence, a sluttish or slipshod woman.
v. t. & i. 1. To daub or smear, as with lime; to make or finish in a slipshod way.

It's sloppy and slipshod. I highly doubt moms of the inland empire would appreciate being called sluttish or slipshod.


Donita Curioso said...

Maybe they wouldn't appreciate it but have you seen some of them at the mall?

VO said...

Well, there is that. But even they probably don't consider themselves sluttish or slipshod.

It's amazing what we can't see in the mirror even tho it stares us right in the face.

Donita Curioso said...

Hoo boy, ain't it the truth. I know I don't get a true picture of myself when I look in the mirror. It's only when I look at a photo of myself that I get smacked with the full reality.

VO said...

Speaking of which, I stood next to a friend of mine today (we are both a few lbs heavier than we were) and yes, I noticed I looked way heavier than what I see in the mirror.

I was not happy but realized I could always resize myself or crop the danged picture! Ha.