Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec Book Club

OMG, downtown is so crowded. Kind of nice to see that kind of activity but dang, trying to get a parking place was killer.

We ended up eating at Marios. Why? Because the place we were going to go to had an hour and 45 min wait and we could get into Marios in an hour.

I love Marios but it is also pricey. The hub and I have dropped an easy 150. for dinner for just the two of us (back in the day when I had a job that paid real money) so I knew I didn't bring enough money tonight.

But it turns out I did because iit turns out you can order appetizer portions of many of the dishes (pasta types).

I got a drink, a fennel apple salad and a pasta with tuna - all was incredibly delicious and I spent only 31.00 without tip. And I brought food home too. I did not get an item off the entree list as they were between 33 and 45 dollars for each item.

I didn't get an appetizer, a dessert or a latte which I would have if I had money. But then all that probably would have cost me another 30. so ya see, eat a full meal with more than 2 courses and it could have been pricey without even getting an entree.

I was so glad because I really didn't want to eat mexican food, the place we were going to is pricey for basically beans and rice and meat. Mexican food doesn't really have veggies (I do not count iceberg lettuce in a taco as veggies) and I am not a big fan of beans and spanish rice.

The two bday girls were happy with their gifts and the conversation flowed pretty easily as usual.

The hub called during dinner to give me an update and find out who was there. Bwhahahaha, ummmm, the book club girls!

We left fairly early, paid our valet parking bill (yes, that's just how bad parking was) and got home. An enjoyable evening out and I wish I could do it more often.

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