Saturday, December 13, 2008


The daughter is asking for some Micabella foundation for Christmas. I looked it up, it's: Micabella’s Pure Mineral Foundation. Provides; Oil free natural looking coverage.

The natural pigments derive from rocks followed by micro-pulverization which brings the microscopic natural crystal to the level of fine powder which contains no dyes, fillers and FD&C.

Price: $64.95

Do you see that price? I thinks she is not going to get that foundation, not when I can get mineral powder foundation for much, much less. And I can get plain old mica powers for coloring lipgloss or adding into moisturizier for blush for way cheaper at the craft store too. You don't even need the moisturizer.

Maybe she can mix all those things together and sell little pots of it to her girlfriends, if I can convince her that the stuff she's being taken in by is pretty simple to make at home.

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