Thursday, December 25, 2008

Calm day and night

This is the lowest key Christmas ever. Opened a few presents, sat around all day and that's about it.

The neighbors sent over tamales. Yay.

I talked to the MIL very briefly, she told me she has had the same thing I have, but she's had it for a year. I didn't disagree with her but really it can't be the same thing. Mine is flu and hers is something else (although she has had a nagging cough for a long time). I asked her if she had fever with it....She said "Did I see her?" That was my cue to find something else to talk about, otherwise we'd go on for hours talking about 2 different things. I changed the subject. I asked her "How do you like your new apt and she said,"What's in my closet?

I asked if she talked to the SIL. Why, what's wrong was her comment back to me. LOL, I just wanted to know if she'd heard from her on Christmas day.

So my convo with the MIL was uneventful.

The daughter is getting off lightly with this flu thing. She's coughing and has the goo but for the most part she feels pretty ok. A lighter cough than mine. She went to the movies.

Now I am finishing up some wool fingerless gloves. I love wool in the winter. I got mostly acrylic for Christmas and I think I'll use that to embellish the wool I have. That way I have warmth and pretty colors in the same rectangle. Good thinking eh?

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