Sunday, December 14, 2008

Neighborhood party

I feel such the party hopper. Last night dinner out at a semi-swanky place (even tho I wore a black turleneck). With aplomb! That is such a good word isn't it?

Tonight I also wore a turleneck, a tan wool and cashmere turtleneck. Don't be fooled there is only 10% cashmere so it's bare whisper of the most fabulous fabric. hahaha, I got it last year on sale! For a whopping $16.00. I am a good shopper.

Clothing aside I had fun tonight. I talked to a bunch of people I don't normally talk to, because they are all neighbors of K & J.

I was talking to one guy about a horrible way someone died (that I know) and he looks at me and says, "hey, I know someone who just had someone who died that very same way."

Believe me, it was a odd way of dying. In any case he knows he brother of the deceased and so do we. Our town is so small, even tho it's over a quarter of a million people.

So a quiet neighborhood party was a blast.

Next Sat we have 2 parties to go to. The cookie party and our across the stree neighbors shindig.


Donita Curioso said...

Sounds like a nice evening. I was so bored last night that I went shopping just for entertainment. Not Christmas shopping, either. I went to Von's and Trader Joe's.

When Jim worked for HP we went to a lot of dressy Christmas parties. I loved it. It was the one time a year I could get really dressed up. And now that I've lost weight all those nice clothes fit me really well. Puh! No parties to go to.

Maybe I should get all dressed up for Trader Joe's.

VO said...

You'd be just like Nora of Nick and Nora!

Heh, I didn't get dressed up for either event.

I used to go to big company parties too. So much fun, lots of drunken (not me usually) co-workers, lots of giveaways and always in swanky locations.

Donita Curioso said...

Hoo boy, we went to one party at a fancy restaurant. Jim's boss at the time was a very straight-laced Mormon. He and his wife were sitting across the table from us. Every time I refilled my wine glass she'd shoot me the stink eye. Really, I didn't have that much, about 4 glasses in about 2 hours with a big meal. But boy, she was counting them.

After dinner I hit the bar. It was a good thing they left early because I was going for it. By the end of the evening I was sitting outside trying to get some fresh air. I got waaaay too drunk. The bartender came out for a smoke and he and I had a lovely chat. The whole time I was trying to look less hammered. I didn't DARE go back inside because I didn't want to embarrass Jim. I guess being monitored by the boss's wife kinda made me snap. I was like a rebellious teen.

VO said...

hahaha, you showed her!

I don't think I've ever gotten so drunk at a work related party that I had to go outside to clear my head.

But boy, oh boy could I tell some stories...although none of those peeps know my blog.