Friday, December 19, 2008

Easy work day

Today was our dept office party. Food catered by El Torito, it was good.

We had to bring a white elephant gift. We played a game around it rather than doing that horrible stealing thing. This was one person told a story with the main characters being the Rights. Everytime the story teller said the word, Right or left or across you had to give the gift to the person next to you or across from you.

We are at least 100 in our dept so it was a big double circle of people. The longer the story went on the faster the storyteller read.

I got a Christmas ornament. Someone got an actual white elephant and someone got a photo frame with the Really, Really, Big Boss inside. It was a pretty fun game as far as that type of thing goes.

Then we got to go home early. Yay. I went shopping. Got a few things.

Am so not into Christmas. I am not inspired at all.

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